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    Mariam Ahmed
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Hello! My name is Mariam Ahmed. I am currently a junior at UMBC, pursuing a B.A in Biological Sciences with a minor in Elementary Education. Science has always been my favorite subject in school; unfortunately, there is still not enough emphasis put on it in public schools today and many students dread the subject. After graduation, it is my goal to go into the public school system and reinvigorate it with all the excitement I know the STEM subjects can provide for students. Hopefully, becoming a part of NSTA will help me do just that. Happy learning!

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    Two-Week Unit Plan Resources

    The intended use of this collection is to help me design a two week project based learning unit. These are my two ideas for the unit: Idea 1: Alternative Energy (Make Your Own Windmill)- 6th grade Idea 2: Water Quality Parameter Tests (Our Local Bodies of Water)-6th grade

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