Dive In! Immersion in Science Practices for High School Students

by: Karen J. Graham, Lara M. Gengarelly, Barbara A. Hopkins, and Melissa A. Lombard

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What is it really like to plunge into the world of science learning and teaching? Find out in this unique book. Dive In! grew out of a teacher–scientist project at the University of New Hampshire that promoted active learning and using science practices in the classroom. That experience yielded this book’s reason for being: to provide detailed examples of how veteran teachers and their students can make the leap to implementing the recommendations of A Framework for K–12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These features add to the book’s instructional value:
• Detailed vignettes offer authentic perspectives about conducting student investigations and integrating science practices that support the NGSS.
• Field-tested learning activities accompany many of the vignettes and illustrate a range of investigations you can adopt or adapt, regardless of your grade level or science content focus.
• A science practice integration (SPI) toolkit will be useful whether you’re already swimming in SPI instruction or just want to dip a toe in. You will learn how to modify existing lesson plans to immerse your students in more science practices. If you need help with SPI’s challenges, you can turn to a handy trouble-shooting guide that outlines concerns and offers potential solutions.

Written from an authentic teacher perspective, Dive In! presents a realistic picture of the successes and challenges of integrating NGSS science practices into your classroom. This book is the resource you need to help students shift from only knowing about science to actually investigating and making sense of it. Jump in with both feet!

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High School


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