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Archive: Book Beat Live! Uniting Scientific Discovery with Engineering Design: Discovery Engineering in Biology: Case Studies for Grades 6-12, September 21, 2022

NSTA Press Book CoverA great number of the amazing innovations in modern society have resulted from someone making a careful observation, a mistake, or finding out new or different information from experimentation. These unique and serendipitous discoveries tell a story, a story that provides a rich context and understanding of scientific phenomena, to the nature of science, and the data and scientists involved. Now these discoveries have gone on to address needs within our local communities and global societies.  

Case studies provide an ideal vehicle to provide these stories of science that students may or may not have heard. With that knowledge, students are challenged using engineering design principles to determine new avenues that these discoveries can be utilized in the real world.

In this session, Rebecca Hite, Megan Ennes and Gail Jones, authors of Discovery Engineering in Biology: Case Studies for Grades 6-12, will discuss how case studies provide context as well as empirical data to help students understand the live experiences of science and scientists.  Take aways will include:

  • How case studies address elements of the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • How case studies are structured to layer information and engage the learner.
  • Why integrating biology and engineering develops student knowledge and skills.

Who should attend:

The focus of this session is for secondary (grades 6-12) life science teachers who are interested in sharing historical and modern stories of science with their students and offering them opportunities to engage in the skills of the engineering design process.

All individuals receive a certificate of participation and 100 NSTA activity points for attending the live seminar and completing the end-of-program survey. A certificate of participation is not awarded for watching the recorded version of the program.

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Below are comments from individuals who attended the seminar:

  • "Great seminar….loved the idea of using case studies in class"
  • "The idea of implementing case studies as engineering opportunities was a new approach that I had not thought of. Great suggestions for life science as well as physical science to incorporate engineering."
  • "This was an excellent presentation and resource. I will be more than happy to have additional training and resources similar to those presented during the webinar."

A certificate of attendance was deposited into participants' account page for completing the evaluation form at the end of the program.

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