Natural Resources: Seasons Change

by: Valynda Mayes

Fall catches our attention, sometimes in subtle ways. A brisk wind, a seed pod. Consider the nondescript tree that you never notice until its golden or garnet leaves flutter to the ground. For those of us who don’t like cold weather, the beauty of fall makes up for the pain that is coming. But despite the riot of color, fall is more than a pretty face. There is astronomy, chemistry, and botany, and when animals enter the picture—whether preparing for winter or passing through—you have a perfect opportunity to engage students in nature studies. Although fall is well underway, use the long-term activity ideas here to plan for next year. After all, this is the season to store up your reserves!


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 11/1/2010Stock # sc10_048_03_68Volume 048Issue 03

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