Carolina Biological-Knowledge Center - May 09-2023

Science Sampler: Studying storms to understand weather

by: Shane Cavanaugh

Who isn’t awed by the power, beauty, and destructive capabilities of a hurricane, tornado, or snowstorm? Storms are one of those topics that nearly all students are interested in, and by capitalizing on this interest and focusing on the big idea behind storms, educators can teach weather in a meaningful and motivating way. The five-week unit described here deliberately and actively highlights interesting or surprising aspects of weather, namely storms. Rather than a typical inquiry unit, this curriculum engages students in social construction of their understandings of weather in small- and large-group discussions, as well as a significant amount of exploration of weather concepts using online simulations, animations, and other resources.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 3/1/2007Stock # ss07_030_07_62Volume 030Issue 07

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