Science Sampler: Using trade books to improve science education

by: Wendy Shelley

For students to be successful in science, they must be able to examine information, make predictions, and comprehend what they are reading (Miller 2006). By incorporating trade books, (such as fictional story books, informational story books, and informational books) into science instruction, students are provided with positive instructional support that reinforces important scientific concepts (Donovan and Smolkin 2002). According to some studies, the linking of science and trade books increases student achievement because trade books help boost reading skills, introduce new topics, and promote student interest in science (Royce and Wiley 1996). This article presents some resources and strategies that will help teachers to effectively incorporate trade books into the science curriculum.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 9/1/2007Stock # ss07_031_01_69Volume 031Issue 01

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