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These resources were selected for middle school teachers to help them teach about the Sun as one of many stars.

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Archive: Celebrating Astronomy: A Star's Story, September 25, 2008 Web Seminar Archive
Earth, Sun, and Moon Interactive E-book
External Resource: Life Cycles of Stars External Resource
External Resource: Living with a Star: Educator Resources for Understanding Connections Between the Sun and Earth External Resource
External Resource: New Horizons: Orbit and Spin External Resource
External Resource: Space Hitchhikers: The ESPA Ring, LabTV Video External Resource
External Resource: Sun As A Star: Science Learning Activities for Afterschool External Resource
Our Star, the Sun: Try these everyday activities that teach elementary and middle level students about the sun Journal Article
Scope on the Skies: End of the line for a star like ours Journal Article
Scope on the Skies: Living with a star Journal Article
Scope on the Skies: October Skies (2009) Journal Article
Scope on the Skies: The brightest stars in the sky Journal Article
Space Weather Action Center Web Page
Sun Earth Day March 19th 2011

Sun-Earth Day is comprised of a series of programs and events that occur throughout the year culminating with a celebration on or near the Spring Equinox. Each year we wrap a fresh new thematic approach around Sun-Earth science while highlighting Sun-Earth Connection scientists, their missions, and research. This year's theme , 'Ancient Mysteries-Future Discoveries', opens the door to a much deeper understanding of our Sun and its impact across the ages.

Web Page
Universe: The Sun as a Star Science Objects have been retired and replaced with Interactive E-books