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Anna Maria DiFronzo Anna DiFronzo 421 Points

In this article I read for my Science Methods course it mentions how teachers can integrate STEM kits into their classes.  I am looking to get my students more and more physically involved with my Unit Plan. Even during the Explain portion of the 5E lesson planning structure. I was wondering if there are experienced teachers out there who have found methods of interactive learning/forms of assessment... i.e. gallery walks & experiments.  The article stresses how preservice teachers are looking to get more and more involved in their classrooms. It is proven that students with more hands on experience will ultimately receive a better understanding of the subject material.

Victoria Krauss Victoria Krauss 1605 Points

Hi Anna! Thank you so much for linking that article. I never really thought about having STEM kits in my room! This seems like a great idea for keeping students engaged in science, especially if you include things that they would be interested in learning about! Maybe even taking a few ideas at the begining of the year, and updating the kits as the year goes on might be a good idea. Hands on experience always helped me learn a concept! Thanks again for linking that article! Ill be sure to add it to my library! Victoria

Jen Gutierrez Jennifer Gutierrez 1920 Points

I'm looking forward to reading the article too. Anna, you mentioned looking for some great formatives to get your students engaged (kids engaged = much better behavior management)... are you familiar with the Page Keeley Formative Assessment Probes? She calls it the "series that never ends" (haha) but you'll find so many great topics and grade levels to choose from. Some are even specifically elementary. I love the probes because they help you uncover students' prior knowledge and misconceptions. They also give lots of background for the teacher and activity ideas/suggestions. Another great resource for engagement are the Picture-Perfect Science & Picture-Perfect STEM series by Karen Ansberry & Emily Morgan. Each lessons uses children's literature (non-fiction & fiction) to engage students in a science or STEM concept and follows the 5Es instructional format. Lots of GREAT lessons and activities for K-2 and 3-5. I hope those help some too :) jen

Idania Caceres Idania Caceres 2185 Points

Hi Anna! I really enjoyed reading your post and the article. I remember doing a daily STEM activity in a summer camp this past summer and using STEM kits, but I never really thought of utilizing them in an everyday classroom setting. By doing this, one is engaging students in their learning and having them interested in the content. In elementary school, science consisted of book work, therefore I never truly enjoyed it or grasped the concept. Science should be fun and organized, and this is a great way to do it. Great Post! Idania

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