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Jennifer Tu Jennifer Tu 415 Points

I love learning about Earth and Space! As a future educator, I do hope to find ways to teach this lesson to my students for them to learn about Earth, the planet that we live on, and space with many other planets out there each with unique features.

So my question is, what are the activities that I can use to catch their attention and have them learn about Earth and space?

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10180 Points

Hi Jennifer --  It's not hard to catch students' attention with Earth and Space science. Almost everyday, there is a news article that connects E&S with reality: Climate change, weather patterns, severe storms, NASA launches, etc. I found that having an essential question or theme for the unit makes it easier to connect students with events or phenomena. And, rather than present an activity as something to do, it may help to embed it in the essential qour uestion or introduce it in the context of "Hmm, I wonder if..." or "What would happen if..." "I'm not sure about..." or "Any ideas about ..." Most studnets are innately curious.  Just some thoughts... -- Mary B

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