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Flavio Mendez Flavio Mendez 46216 Points

Teachers and families across the country are facing a new reality of providing opportunities for students to do science through distance and home learning. The Daily Do is one of the ways NSTA is supporting teachers and families with this endeavor.

Each weekday, NSTA will share a sensemaking task teachers and families can use to engage their students in authentic, relevant science learning. We encourage families to make time for family science learning (science is a social process!) and are dedicated to helping students and their families find balance between learning science and the day-to-day responsibilities they have to stay healthy and safe.

Each Daily Do has a collection of resources (most free) that you can use at home or in your classroom.

Use this discussion thread to share your impressions, questions, and ideas about NSTA's Daily Do and how you are using them with your family and students. 

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Billie Davis Billie Davis 1095 Points

Just introduced to the Daily Do's in the orientation, this is a great resource!

Elizabeth Ricke Elizabeth Ricke 70 Points

As a future educator, NSTA's Daily Do looks like a great resource to utilize inside and outside of the classroom. Looking through some of the different lessons I really like the worksheets that are attached along with how some lessons are broken into parts. The NSTA's Daily Do options look like a great way to have parents become involved in the classroom and with their children. Thanks for sharing this page; I'm definitely going to use the NSTA's Daily Do! 

Jennifer Bryant Jennifer Bryant 1890 Points

As a future teacher looking through Daily Do, it seems to be a great resource students. It can be used by students to learn concepts at home with their family. It is nice that everything is written out and the questions are given to help through investigations. 

Amanda Robin amanda robin 1395 Points

I love these and they are great to use during this time of teaching online.

Ashtin Schnell Ashtin Schnell 1290 Points

I loved reading through all of these daily do's. I will be sure to implement these into my classroom. 

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