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Carmen Aleman Carmen Aleman 510 Points

What are some hands on activities i can incorporate when teaching science?

Griselda Hernandez Griselda Hernandez 240 Points

Hello Carmen, A hands on activity you can incorporate in science can be planting beans. You can go ahead and give the students beans, ziploc bag, and a wet towel and have the students watch the growing process once a week and let them report if they see any changes or not.


Chryssa Santamaria Chryssa Santamaria 450 Points

Hi Carmen, one hands-on activity that you can incorporate when teaching science to your students is turning grapes into raisins. This activity isn't only educational but it also makes it fun for the students and they become more engaged in learning. As we know raisins are dried-up grapes. You can do this activity by gathering your supplies grapes and a bowl. As weeks go by the students can go check out the grapes and see if there have been any changes from the previous days. As days go by the grapes gradually dry up and get smaller and darker. If I were to guess how long it takes for grapes to turn into complete raisins it would be about 2 months. This activity can be exciting for students because they would get to class excited to see if there were any changes in the grapes every day.

Matt Bobrowsky Matt Bobrowsky 6410 Points

Interesting idea, Chryssa.  Are there any particular learning goals you have in mind with this activity?

Hope Vanlandingham Hope Vanlandingham 695 Points


A great hands-on activity that I have seen is modeling erosion and weathering using skittles! You take the skittles and put them in a bowl with water and students can then record observations over time. Students can make predictions and see how the skittles weather in the water over time. The skittles are a great model for rocks, and its great to do in small groups. 

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