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Darcie Pilon Darcie Pilon 120 Points

My name is Darcie Pilon and I am a third-year Elementary Education student at Wartburg College. In my recent field experience, kindergarten students were given the task of creating a home out of recyclable materials found around the common household. For instance, they used cardboard boxes, paper cups, rubberbands, plastic bottles, paper plates, and more. These are things that could be easily collected over a short period of time, some after initial use, thus saving some money.

The students seemed to really enjoy this activity and were sad to end it. I am curious what other lessons and activities can be done on a budget. Any examples or inspiration would be appreciated!


Hi Darcie,

Paper roller coasters are a great activity. We used paer from the recycle bin. We even used recyled posterboard from other projects. There are several videos you can watch for ideas. Mainly the students learn by doing. I use it when teaching the laws of motion.

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