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Christine Frewin Christine Frewin 1615 Points

I am a student teacher in kindergarten, and I really feel compelled to share an activity we did this week. The topic was Physical Properties - texture. I am in Texas, the TEKS is K.5B. (The kindergarten team found this activity through a blog.) All of the teachers contributed materials for the walk.  We took all six kindergarten classes outside, it was a beautiful day, with their science notebooks. They sat to the side, super excited, while we set up. The first thing we laid out was a plush bathroom rug, next was a box with gravel, a box with sand, a box with rice, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, and finally a bucket of ice. The students loved it! It was a cheap way to explore textures in a unique way. After the walk each student sat and drew in their journals all of the textures they felt. This was the first year to try this activity, but definitely not the last. The ideas are endless when it comes to materials to use.

Amy Oliver Amy Oliver 1415 Points

Hi Christine I love that activity. I am going to be a long term sub in a kindergarten class and ultimately have my own classroom later on. I am going to look at when I can incorporate this activity into our time together. Thank you for sharing it. Amy

Kayla Henderson Kayla Henderson 755 Points

I love this! It's a wonderful activity for getting children to explain how what they're touching feels. It's also a good tool for expanding vocabulary and making children aware of various texture terms.


Outside and engaged in science nothing better than that! I liked the variety of items that you were able to come up with. How did the students do who had competed their touching and were waiting for the rest of the class? KC

Hannah Bennett Hannah Bennett 1740 Points

Thank you so much for sharing your activity! Definitely will give it a try.

The students must have loved doing this activity! This activity can work wonderfully as a lesson on the Five Sense. It's an activity that can be modified for 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd grade. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to completing this activity in my future classroom!

Isabel Alizo Isabel Alizo 510 Points

Hello Christine! I am a Early Childhood Education Student and after reading your post I have to say that I love your idea. I looks fun and very engaging, specially for Kindergarten students. The idea of doing the activity outside is great since kinds love getting the chance to get out of the classroom. I would totally do this activity when I graduate and have my own classroom.

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