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Gary Eisenberg Gary Eisenberg 70 Points

I am a second grade teacher in Vacaville, CA, and my summer project has been to convert the wonderful pictures and cassette tapes of "Come With Me Science" into You Tube Videos. So far, I have completed videos for Mammals of the Woods, Birds, Insects, Zoo Animals, Sea Animals, and Farm animals. I have also made separate animal song videos for each of the animals in each unit. You can access this resource by going to or simply going to You Tube and typing in Come With Me Science. Hope these will be valuable to you and your students. Gary Eisenberg Eugene Padan Elementary Vacaville, CA.

Annie Ackley Annie Ackley 670 Points

Thank you for sharing the link to the science videos! It's nice to see a fellow teacher using multimedia to help build knowledge in our students.

Lori Josifek Lori Josifek 10 Points

I cannot thank you enough for your work in making these wonderful Come With Me science lessons available online. As a teacher of 30+ years, I had used several of these science lessons in homeschooling my own children before using them in the classroom. Although they are old, these lessons are timeless and children still love them. I had somehow lost my "bird" cassette, so am very happy to have the songs available. Thank you again!!

Kelsi Wiechkoske Kelsi Wiechkoske 1685 Points

You are talented: technology is not my thing! This is very useful because classrooms are becoming more and more modernized, and the class I am in uses Youtube videos all the time. These are great videos and I would definitely incorporate these in the lessons if I was in second grade!

Naomi Beverly Naomi Beverly 19130 Points

Gary- Awesome. This weekend, I plan to check a few of these out. Thank you for your hard work, and for sharing! All the best, Naomi Beverly

Barbara Villarnovo Barbara Villarnovo 2955 Points

Interesting videos! Thanks for sharing.

Aaron Ogilvie Aaron Ogilvie 20 Points

thanks for posting these videos, they seem like a great way to introduce lessons about animals.

Johany Serafin Johany Serafin 1755 Points

Thank you for this resource!

Georgina Garcia Georgina 535 Points

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talents with all of us here!  I'm a pre-service teacher-to-be and your collection is a great resource for my future teaching experiences.  I also love the fact that you teach in Vacaville, CA because I have family there.  I have visited from Florida and I absolutely love it.  Lots of green, open spaces to relax in.  Keep up the great work!

Isabella Pousada Isabella Pousada 3025 Points

This sounds amazing and very interesting. I feel that these videos are a great way to get students engaged in science activities.  Kids love animals.  When we teach students about animals, they are more likely to listen and want to learn. Thank you!

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