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Chase Shikada Chase Shikada 595 Points

What are some  engaging ideas for intergrating science and social studies?

Alex Hofacker Alexandria Hofacker 385 Points

Hi Chase!

I'm in a grad school class right now where I'm creating an integrated unit.  One cool way science and social studies can be integrated is fossils.  I know right now while student teaching in my 4th grade classroom the students are learning about anciet artifacts in social studies and in science they will be learing about fossils pretty soon.  You could incorporate things about ancient fossilized artifacts like arrowheads or other tools.  You could even have students make their own fossil.  

Hope this helps!

Alyssa Pontillas Alyssa Pontillas 665 Points

Hi Chase!

Not exactly sure what grade level you have, but in my Social Studies methods course, my professor created a fun lesson using the 4th grade standard which focuses on Hawaiian Studies. She connected an Ahupuaa to a watershed. She created her own example of a water shed (tray filled with paper to make slope) and used skittles to represent the type of waste that goes into our water sheds. She then used  aspray bottle to represent 'rain' and what happens when water mixes in with the wastes (skittles). Not sure if this is helpful, but just thought that I'd share that it is possible to have ways of integrating social studies and science! 

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