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Lesson Plans on Food Webs?

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Ashlee Beggs Ashlee Beggs 480 Points

Does anyone have any good ideas/lessons to teach 4th graders about food webs consisting of the movement of matter among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment?

Laud Gaba Laud Gaba 1090 Points

Go to There you should find tons of stuff for your lesson

Brittany Brown Brittany Brown 1355 Points

A good way to teach elementary school students the a food web is to break it down in to sections instead of teaching the entire concept at once. By breaking each section down, it will allow the students to comprehend and retain the information. Provide a lot of illustrations to accompany the text, so the students can have a visual connection.

Jame Byron Jame Byron 2275 Points

A good way to teach food webs is by using concept maps. You can start with having the students compose their own concept map (if you prefer you can give them one) to see what they know, build upon that, and gradually progress to the other aspects of the lessons. Using a concept map can benefit you as an educator, by checking for the students' understanding of the material presented, identify their conceptions and misconceptions, and introduce new terms, vocabulary, etc. that are in the concept that you will be using.

Hi Ashlee, Here are a few good websites to find lesson plans on Food Webs: and, along with the attached website for Jefferson Laboratory. Enjoy! Deborah

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Katelin Lyons Katelin Lyons 780 Points

A good website for food web and food chains information for a lesson plan is Another good website for food webs is Hope this helps :)

Jame Byron Jame Byron 2275 Points

The students can compose a food chain or web that contains producers and consumers. You may extend it further by using a specific ecosystem with identified plants, animals, etc. Furthermore, you can allow the students to select their own from a list you created and research a food chain or pyramid.

Maureen Stover Maureen Stover 41070 Points

Hi Ashlee, You've already had some great feedback to your question! I've attached a "Food Web" collection of NSTA resources that have some great ideas for teaching about food webs. Maureen

Salisha Sewell1530 Salisha Sewell 4610 Points

For great ideas on how to teach the food chain I believe that it is important to start by teaching students the interdependence that exists between the biotic and abiotic factors and how they are significant for each trophic level of the ecosystem. There are a myriad of resources that are available for you in the existing SCI PACKS. The one that you will find to be very helpful would be the SCI PACK on the flow of matter and energy as it begins by expressing the different consumers that are within the different types of ecosystems. The virtual tutorial highlights information of different food chains that develop within different types of ecosystems, for example, the variance of the abiotic factors within hydrosphere than those that are present within a terrestrial ecosystem. Also, it explicates the different trophic levels and what types of animals are present in each one and how lack of energy can not only affect the food chain but also the biodiversity of the food chain. The SCI Pack also has interactive resources to assist in augmenting the lesson to further your students’ comprehension. Furthermore, the end of the Sci pack has pedagogical implications with a plethora of possible conceptions and misconceptions the students may have at different grade levels. The implications can assist you with the conceptual portion of your planning. Concepts and Graphic organizers would be good to use to make sure that the students have mastered the concept.

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