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Icebreaker activities

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Sawsan Ismaiel Sawsan Ismaiel 125 Points

With the new academic year approaching, what are some icebreaker activities you do during the first lesson, science related preferably. Something that get the students excited about their science class.  

Christopher Rodriguez Christopher Rodriguez 2320 Points

By icebreaker do you mean how to introduce a lesson in such a way to engage students? If so, I recently taught a lesson on potential and kinetic energy. To get the students thinking about energy, force and motion, I had them gather around a table where I set up a ramp and rolled a ball down the ramp over and over again. Then I asked them to describe what was happening. Once they started talking about what they saw, I asked them to describe what was happening in terms of energy, motion, and forces. I hope this helps. This is one model of how to engage students, I'm sure there are others out there.

Lingling Xing Lingling Xing 1240 Points

They can learn each other's name during the first lesson to break the ice. The students can make a circle. The first student introduce his or her name. The second student repeats the first student's name, and then introduce his or her own name. The third student repeats the previous two students' names, and then introduce his or her own name, etc.

Melanie Cabrera Melanie Cabrera 2830 Points

A fun ice breaker activity that you could use for a science class can be a guessing game. Where you ask students some questions and based on what they think, they separate into groups and discuss with those group members why they chose that answer. I have seen this work many times in elementary classes for other subjects, I would think it would go great in a science class when starting off the school year on concepts!

Haley Jackson Haley Jackson 190 Points

I love icebreaker activities. I would also love to hear some ideas of some ways to incorporate science in the activities!

Katie Hodge Katie Hodge 946 Points

Here is a link with some icebreaker ideas. I particulary like the puzzle idea because you could make the puzzle pictures correspond with lesson themes/topics.


Jamie Bunting Jamie Bunting 1375 Points

I really liked ht puzzle pictures correspond with lesson themes/topics, another idea could allow the students to draw their own pictures depending on what they think a topic might be about. Let them hear the name of the lesson ad topic and then let them decide what they think. 

Patricia Ten Hoeve Patricia ten Hoeve 80 Points


One of my favorite icebreakers is 3x5 note cards that can be used to combine personal facts with any content area. Students start by writing their name and a unique fact about themselves, what they do in their free time, etc. Then students can be asked to write one thing they want to learn in science, one thing they like about science, one thing they don't look forward to about science, etc. These cards are great for keeping and referring back to as the year goes on. 

Patricia ten Hoeve


Laurence Taylor Laurence Taylor 655 Points

I like this idea, gives you a alot of great background knowledge about your students and can help improve your interest levels and your learning environment. Do you have the students share their information with each other? If so how do you do that?

Callie Cook Callie Cook 714 Points

I like the idea of getting their inormation on the first day! This will help when also planning connections to the material. You could also include the what they want to kno occasionally to keep the students intrest during different little activites. I agree a really good thing to have to refer back to for the year. 

Katherine Gonzalez Katherine Gonzalez 145 Points

Hello! I do an icebreaker with my teenagers, and it is called the 'Picnic Game.' The way this game begins is that the first person says their name and mentions a food they would bring to our 'picnic.' Heres the catch, they have to say a food or item that begins with the first letter of their first name. The next person has to repeat the previous name and the item or food that person mentioned. This game requires the students to pay close attention to the names of their classmates and are able to remember their name as the school year goes on. Hope this helps! 

Morgan Almirall Morgan Almirall 210 Points


Here is a link for a few activities to engage the students and get them interested in science! I like the activity where the students are asked to draw a scientist, which can lead to a discussion about misconceptions within the realm of science and reassure the students that anyone and everyone has the ability to be a scientist! 

Callie Cook Callie Cook 714 Points

I just recently had to do this in a class! It is an extremely fun way to connect to the students.  I feel that is really intresting to see all the varities of drawings the students come up with. The misconceptions in it really surprise everyone and really makes them think about waht scientitst are. I agree it allows them to realize anyone and everyone can be a scientist if they want to.


Jeremy Goforth Jeremy Goforth 1456 Points

I like to use ice-breakers to build student team thinking and positive socialization in the classroom. One of my favorites is a memory game that I first learned from my daughter called “Fruit Salad”. My middle school STEM students loved it! 

For this game, the students choose a fruit or even something else like an element or parts of the cell… The students sit on the floor in a circle and one student is given a floppy paper wand and this student stands in the center of the circle. Start the game by calling one student by their fruit name. The student with the floppy wand then tries to tag the student whose name was called on the shoulder before that student pairs their fruit name with another student's fruit name. This proceeds until a student forgets the other student’s fruit names and is tagged before that student can pair their fruit name with another student's fruit name.

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