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Inheritance for grades K-2?

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Phyllis Cammiso Phyllis Cammiso 1285 Points

Hi! I'm looking for some ideas for lesson plans on inheritance/genetics for younger grades. I'd like to tie them into a bigger unit on either animals, family, etc. I was also trying to come up with some science topics that relate to inheritance for younger children, but I'm coming up blank.

Amy Jorgensen Amy Jorgensen 425 Points

Hi Phyllis- If you're looking for some lesson on inheritance/genetics for primary grades, I suggest visiting Education Environment Initiative's curriculum website: If you complete the online podcast training, you can access free curriculum aligned with NGSS. They also have a variation of topics having to do with inheritance and genetics. Try checking out some of their second grade material. You can always differentiate for a class of younger learners as well.

Crista Smith Crista Smith 625 Points

One activity I have completed with students when talking about variation of human traits is a game similar to the "optional activity" mentioned in this lesson: After taking a survey of their own traits and comparing them to the class, students play a game where a trait is called out and all students with that trait sit down. It really lets the students see the variety of traits in their own class and which are common or unusual. One note, though, is that this works best for diverse classrooms.

Shaterika Beasley Shaterika Beasley 1045 Points

That's a great resource!

Erin Smith ERIN SMITH 265 Points

This is also a great resource and lesson idea for inheritance and observable traits

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