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Ashley Kirkwood Ashley Kirkwood 455 Points

Hi, I am currently in the credential program for multiple subjects in California. I am thinking about adding on a math credential. Have people experienced better opportunities receiving jobs with an additional credential soon after their first? I have heard it is good to wait a little bit to get your masters; is that similar with the additional credential? Also, I am wondering how difficult the CSETS are. Is it worth taking classes or can I manage to pass without the class and just buying materials to study from.

Michael Nilles Michael Nilles 445 Points

Hi Ashley, I've heard differing opinions on "beefing" up your resume. Some districts in my state (Illinois) prefer an applicant have a Master's degree, while other districts hesitate at hiring a Master's teacher because of the increased salary and cost to the district. What state are you in? I would assume any credentials that include Math or Reading/LA can only help you...as well as a ELL/ESL endorsement/certificate. I'm just about to graduate with my Masters so I will update how the job search goes when I'm done! Good luck! Mike

Adah Stock Adah Stock 101510 Points

Hi: I think the more qualified you are in multiple fields the better your chance of being hired. I had certification in science but I went back to school and took extra courses to be certified in math as well. The reason I did this was that I felt my family would be moving due to my husbands job choices. I felt I would get a job more easily with both certifications. As it turned out I never had to use my math certification. On the other hand I live in Texas. You will more likely get a job in a small community if you are a coach. I am not from Texas but I was shocked to see that a small town south of where I live advertised for Coach/Science Teacher rather than a Science Teacher first. In short there is no way to knowing what the future will bring but if you are getting certificates because you want to teach these subjects by all means do. It just broadens your knowledge and makes you a better, more rounded educator. Good luck. Adah

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