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Ryan Matsumoto Ryan Matsumoto 1060 Points

Hello Forum I was just introduced to SKILLS BASED GRADING and was wondering if there is anyone out there that is familiar with skills based learning in Environmental Science? And if so, what skills/content areas are key to understanding environmental science? Any thoughts will be much appreciated.

Patty McGinnis Patricia McGinnis 25635 Points

Hi Ryan,
I am unfamiliar with skills based grading, but did find this link to skills based grading in the Your text to link here... physics classroom. You may find it useful.

Mary Ann Ng Mary Ann Ng 3385 Points

Is that the same as performance assessment?

Kendra Young Kendra Young 17180 Points

I'm wondering if this is related to standards-based grading? Either way, I'm interested in both. I did a little digging and found a couple of links you might find interesting. I fell out of love with traditional grading methods very early in my teaching career, and have been using a method I refer to simple as "oral defense." But would love to take it further. Your thoughts?

Olu Banmeke Olukayode Banmeke 23633 Points

Skills based grading.....hmmhh..this is interesting!!

Rita Hulsman Rita Hulsman 235 Points

I haven't heard of skills-based grading as such, but I wonder if it is similar to proficiency-based grading. What I love about proficiency-based grading is that students have incentives to make improvements in their level of understanding/performance because they can have a go at doing what a teacher asks, learn from the experience, make changes/improvements, and then re-do for full credit. If this is what skills-based grading is, I'm all for it!

Melissa Gostel Melissa Gostel 340 Points

I agree that skills/proficiency-based grading is much less ambiguous than traditional point systems. Students should be evaluated on their mastery of particular content goals and provided ample opportunities to try, try, try again. It is my understanding that this type of incentivised learning promotes long-term retention.

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