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    Life Science

    All of these resources relate to plants. Plants go through stages of life by starting out as a seed. In this collection, there are activities and valuable information about plant life. I found the article titled How Plants Gain Weight and added it to this collection. This article was interesting to me because I never thought about relating weight and plants together. In this activity, students can use the 5E method to conduct activities about plants. Students are able to do a hands on activity and explain in words what plants need to grow. I also included a lesson plan about plant growth. Students will create a place that a place will grow and draw pictures to describe the how the growth of the plant in the box has changed overtime. This is another activity that incorporates the 5Es. It incorporates the 5Es because students are doing an experiment through observation is exploring, the video prior to the activity is engaging the students, drawing a picture to describe the change of the

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    Physical Science

    All sources that relate to learning about forces and the laws of motion. Teaching Forces and Motion is an article that states how teachers can effectively teach about forces. The article talks about incorporating hands on activities for students to complete to better understand the concept. Weather Conditions with Forces is a lesson plan which students are testing a rocket's force with the wind. Students must know about the different types of weather to see how they impact the force. Before conducting this experiment, students will do research. This lesson plan is a useful tool in the classroom when students are learning about forces! Pushing, Pulling, and Predicting Force Patterns is an article about students learning about force. There are two books that students are breaking down the events that happen as they relate to motion. In this activity, students are using the 5Es to complete their activity. This activity is broken down in a way to where you can understand. A good t

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