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    Earth/Space Science

    My collection of 6+ resources on the same topic. I picked these resources for my collection because I personally favor Earth/Space Science. I think these resources are not only easy to understand, but are relevant because, well, we all know at least a little bit about Earth. These resources are varied in style—including podcasts, journal articles, and science objects. Having the variety of resources is great for students who learn in different ways, like audio learners, visual learners, and intrapersonal learners. The resources are sequential, which is ideal for a classroom. This way they can build on each other while remaining within the Earth/Space topic realm. Most of the resources I chose are about climate on Earth, but I would probably first introduce the topic with the General Characteristics of Earth and what Earth is like from Space. After that I would probably do a lesson on the Earth’s landscape, and dive into plate tectonics from there. Then there are a plethora of resourc

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