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My name is Arielle Cortes and I am a credential candidate at San Diego State University. I hope to one day teach elementary school. I am a huge fan and supporter of SDSU's men's basketball team. Go Aztecs!

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    Force and Motion

    I put these resources together because they all have to do with force and motion. The intended use would be to use this collection to inform teaching on force and motion. I chose to include the webseminar “Force and Motion: Stop Faking It!” in my Resource Collection because although it talked about gravitational forces and not the forces I was focusing on in my CAT, the visuals and strategies that were discussed in the video could be adapted for my uses. I chose to include the journal article “Editor’s Note: Force and Motion—Complex, Awesome, Relevant” in my Resource Collection because it focused on how to make force and motion relevant and fun for students, which is important. I chose to include the podcast “Podcast: Force and Motion Short Course: Mass vs. Weight” in my Resource Collection because understanding the difference between mass and weight is something a lot of students struggle with, and I thought it was a good idea to learn a little more about this difference. I chose incl

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