Learning to Write and Writing to Learn in Science: Refutational Texts and Analytical Rubrics

by: Amy Dlugokienski and Victor Sampson

Most middle school science teachers are familiar with the idea of reading and writing across the curriculum. We, as science teachers, understand that our students need time, practice, and lots of encouragement in order to learn how to read and write well. What we also need to remember, however, is that learning how to read and write in science is an important part of scientific literacy, and it can help students understand and retain key science content (NRC 1996; Saul 2004). In this article, the authors outline a technique that science teachers can use in middle school classrooms to help students learn to write, and write to learn, in science.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 11/1/2008Stock # sc08_032_03_14Volume 032Issue 03

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