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Tried and True: Rock cycle project—Rock and rap CD cover

by: Sandra Rutherford and Cindy Corlett

The Earth system views the entire planet as a single dynamic entity. Understanding the individual components and their interactions is necessary to completely understand how the planet works. Because the Earth system can be too complex for many middle-level students to initially view as a whole, it is best to look at each of the components separately (Kali, Orion, and Eylon 2003). Cycles such as the rock cycle are important for understanding the interconnections among the spheres. Therefore, the Rock and Rap CD project, which follows the steps of the 5E learning model (BSCS 2006), is a fun activity that helps students to grasp this difficult concept.


Type Journal ArticlePub Date 7/1/2008Stock # ss08_031_09_68Volume 031Issue 09

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