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Luke Mcdaniel Luke Mcdaniel 190 Points

I'm currently pursuing becoming a teacher and am in my junior year of college. In class we discussed how field trips often don't promote learning and are not helpful for most students. What are some ways to ensure active learning is going on during a field trip and what types of field trips would help students gain real life skills regarding STEM?



Grant Meth Grant Meth 280 Points

Hi Luke, 

I actually had a class in highschool that you could consider was field trip based. It was field biology where the majority of class periods, our teacher would take us to the local biking trails or creeks and we would find various plants or animals to identify. I really enjoyed the class because it was fun to get out and see what we could have just been discussing from a text book. It is definitely more memorable because of the experiences we had and I actually remember some of the things that we learned in there. 

Zach Millan Zach Millan 609 Points

What I've seen is assuring that time spent on the field trip remains structured and with the smallest groups possible. Having the students continuously self assess the assignments with their groups to report as a larger group later on can also motivate active learning. What I've used in the past was our trip to a local barrier island, and I had my students create a live field guide of plants seen on the island. This was fun enough for the students to become invested in the activity and keep the students engaged.

Charissa Barnhill Charissa Barnhill 1564 Points

I don't have a lot of experience going on field trips, but the one I do take with my Oceanography students is to a local marine center, and I find it to be very informational for the students. I beleive this is a really valuable experience for them because it makes what we talk about a little more relevant to them. For example, we learn about a lot of different types of marine equipment such as a secchi disk, but this means very little to them becuase they don't have a great understanding of what it is. Whenever we go to the marine center, they actually get to stand on the peir and use one which makes it much more relevant to them and they are much more engaged. I provided them with a set of questions I wanted to them to think about as we went through the program, and then had them reflect once the trip was over. I found that for the most part studetns were really engaged in the material, and they truly had some great reflections and make lots of connections to things we had been learning about in class. 

Sehar Sohail Sehar 705 Points

I think field  trips are a phemonenal way of enabling the students to be more engaged with the curriculum. The more hands on we keep our assignments, the higher chances children have of retaining that tangible information in into their long term memory, and better chanceds we have of creating science advocates out of our students for life.

Brad Tanner Brad Tanner 30 Points

Good Morning All, Yes, Informal Learning is a great tool/method to inspire & spark interest in a particular topic.  Which then can lead to further investigation on own and ask questions. Mote Marine Laboratory is offering now offering lots of virtual learning experiences to assist classroom learning during these difficult times. Please reach out or visit https://mote.org/education for more information. Happy Monday !  Stay safe and happy ! :) --

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