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Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 87918 Points

Hi Everyone!
I have been perusing the new look of the NSTA home page. It looks sharp! I found the "Freebies for Science Teachers" section. It has lots of great stuff listed. If you have time check it out. Something new is added almost EVERY day, and it goes back to Dec. 1996! The October 10, 2013 addition takes us to Jan VanCleave's home page. She is the guru for science fair books! Her site is filled with great ideas for beginning and experienced teachers alike.
Great resources AND free!

Katrina Adams Katrina Adams 295 Points

WOW! This is a great resource and I am so thankful people are sharing and posting so many things to help those of us who are just starting out! I look forward to saving this link and some of the others mentioned, so I can use them in my future classroom.

Kelly O'Connor Kelly O'Connor 2690 Points

Thanks Carolyn!

Paola Hernandez Paola Hernandez 1885 Points

This is a great resource for new teacher to have handy! Thanks for sharing I will definitely be using this to get some good ideas for future lessons. :)

Nanako Kaieda Nanako Kaieda 1850 Points

Wow! We all love free things and I would like to look into it more when I get the chance. All of the things I saw was great (the things that the other's shared and the website you shared with us) and would love to go dig in it more. Thank you very much for sharing this with us!

Justen Hug Justen Hug 505 Points

I will definitely keep this in mind for the future! Thanks Carolyn.

Tina Harris Tina Harris 65805 Points

This is an amazing list! It includes websites, printed material, things to send for - wow! thanks for sharing. In addition, if you are an NSTA member, the NSTA Reports newspaper has a column of additional freebies and low cost resources for teachers

Patrick Mangan Patrick Mangan 110 Points

Wow, this list seems really helpful. I'll keep this bookmarked for when I start teaching. I've also found that the HASTI conferences are a really good place for free stuff. It's mostly little trinkets that you get, but there are a lot of books being handed out that would be very useful. At the very least you can pick up a few catalogs that have everything you need in them.

Tina Harris Tina Harris 65805 Points

Hi Patrick!

Yes, the Indiana people (HASTI) put on a good show don't they :)

If you get an opportunity to attend an NSTA regional or national conference they also have a lot of good materials and exhibitors willing to share information and sometimes samples. If you will be in Indiana a while, the NSTA national conferences is coming to Chicago in 2015 - or you might check the conference schedule and see if you have friends or family near one of the conferences that are coming up later this year or Boston 2013. If you like HASTI, you will LOVE the national NSTA conference!

Victoria Donaldson Victoria Donaldson 2235 Points

This is awesome! Thank you so much for this link. I am in school to be a teacher so this will really help when I am looking for ideas.

James Johnson James Johnson 95308 Points

Hi Carolyn. I didn't know about the link. I skimmed through it tonight and I will go back. Thanks for the suggestion!

Ali Neugebauer Ali Newgebauer 1170 Points

Thank you for sharing this link! There are a bunch of helpful websites. As a new science teacher, I am always looking for new ideas! Thank you again.

Aria Moody Aria Moody 2500 Points

This list is FANtastic!!! I can't believe how many resources are on that list. I am going to take a while and peruse that for sure!

Kaycee Valcourt Kaycee Valcourt 7815 Points

Thanks for sharing ! My school is limited in resources so we need all the freebies we can get !

Tina Harris Tina Harris 65805 Points

In addition to the freebies websites, those of us who were around pre-internet know (and probably ought to mention) that you can also send postcards or school letterhead stationary to a number of other places for freebies. NASA - find out where your local NASA resource center is [url=]here [/url]. You can call to confirm, however, many will send you a free packet of materials if you send them a note on letterhead explaining who you are and how you would use the materials (posters, stickers, brochures about missions, photos). Another good reason to call is to find out exactly what is available. If you live close enough, they might even send out a person to speak to your class. State agencies - DNR, Geology, Environmental protection, etc. - Many state agencies receive some funding for public relations and they can use this to supply you with resources or speakers. For example, in my state I could contact the DNR for brochures on the different state parks, on plants/animals common to the parks, and we used to have geology in the parks brochures. Another good state agency to utilize is the tourist/visitor centers. You can have your students write notes to different states requesting information and use that to put together a unit. I have a couple large boxes with files from about 20 different state that contain state maps, state park information, geological sites of interest, botanical sites, aquariums, zoos, etc. We tie the maps to the unit on force and motion where they learn to read a paper map and to find out how long it takes to visit a tourist location at least 50 miles from the state capitol and what science museums, or other science type exhibits they might see there. Governmental Agencies (other than NASA). Again, you can google them to find out a phone number and then call to ask what kinds of things they can send you - it helps to have a goal. So, for example, NOAA for posters on oil spills or sea life or currents. Mind you a lot of information is online, but contacting them can score you posters, pictures, brochures, stickers, etc from many places. One governmental agency with local branches that I have had in my class is the NRCS - the National Resources Conservation Service who talks about soils. A number of the National Parks have "trunks" that if you are within a certain distance you can send for with lesson materials and plans. Others will send you pamphlets about their facilities. So, while there are infinitely more freebies available online now than in the "old days", there are still "old fashioned" sources of freebies as well.

James Johnson James Johnson 95308 Points

Thanks, Tina, for all the good leads. I've found some of this stuff in the past but had forgotten some of those nifty "leads." Thanks so much for the help!

Jessica Gibson Jessica Gibson 970 Points

I like this website! Thanks for sharing. I went to the link how to use your Halloween pumpkins after Halloween for science! I thought that was an awesome idea.

Barbara Caldwell Barbara Caldwell 5000 Points

Thank you so much for sharing. I really need to take more time on the NSTA website...I just have trouble finding the time!

Myetta Ali myetta ali 3515 Points

Can't wait to check out all of the great resources. Thanks for sharing.

Tatiana Egozcue Tatiana Egozcue 2125 Points

I am currently working on my elementary education major and I found this link very useful! I can definitely see myself using the resources in this link when I become a teacher.

Wow! This website seems like it will be very useful for a new teacher. Thank you for sharing this link with us. Another website, not science based, that I find very resourceful is teacher pay teacher. There are several things that you can find on this website that are beneficial for new and seasoned teachers.

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James Johnson James Johnson 95308 Points

Hey, thanks, Pamela. I'll check this out! Happy New Year!

Susan Marie Terra Susan Marie Terra 14480 Points

Thank you for sharing everyone! I am teaching Forensic Science for the first time so if anyone has any ideas for free materials or how to search for them I would really appreciate the information!

Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

I have created a collection of NSTA journal articles for a forensic course I taught. I am attaching it. I hope it helps you.Do not be scared by the big number below. It is really only 18 items in the collection.

Forensics Science Collection (18 items)
Dem Bones
- Journal Article
Favorite Demonstration: Forensic Analysis Demonstration via Hawaii Five-O
- Journal Article
The Home Zone: Get Familiar with Fingerprints
- Journal Article
Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Also, here is a list of websites that may be useful to you. Forensic Science Videos Links to forensics information Forensics Bonanza Lots of forensic websites Put in Code #SS050402 Adventures from CSI TV Free Forensic Magazine Lots of forensic lessons Lots of forensic lessons Lots of forensic units Access Excellence – the Mystery Spot Science Spot Forensic Science Lesson Plans

Tina Harris Tina Harris 65805 Points

While it is not free, and you did not specify a grade level or if this is a full course or a special unit, I really enjoyed using the GEMS Mystery Festival and supplementing it with additional materials from other books on forensic science or things I found in NSTA articles. In addition, since I was on an interdisciplinary team the last time I taught it, we integrated it into all the other subjects. And I contacted the local police department and they sent over a detective that worked with adolescents in the community and he spoke to my classes, giving them hints before we visited our "crime scene" on how to prevent contamination, how to collect and label evidence, and other topics.

It was a very popular unit and I used it to introduce nature of science concepts, lab skills, and measurement.

Sandy Gady Sandy Gady 43095 Points

A reminder, with your NSTA subscription, there is NSTA Reports, the newspaper that shows up each month that has a wonderful section of “Freebies” for Science teachers that is updated monthly. I have found some really good materials and resources there. The best part is this is always the middle section, so I can pull it out and use it after I recycle the rest of the paper. The NSTA Reports is also a great place to find out about grants before anybody else.

Tory Addison Tory Addison 5745 Points

Thanks for sharing this. This is amazing!

Amanda Upton Amanda Upton 5190 Points

New teachers, take a look at our Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers. We award 25 scholarships to attend the national conference, a year's membership in NSTA, and registration to the national conference. It is a funding opportunity you do not want to miss. Go to You can't win if you don't apply!

Stephanie Camacho Stephanie Camacho 1780 Points

This is great! I am so grateful for all the resources and help! thanks for posting

Tammy Perez Tammy Perez 2195 Points

What a great resource!! Thank you for sharing!!

Ashley Brooks Ashley Brooks 3460 Points

great resource! thank you for sharing!

Christina Torango Christina Torango 12445 Points

Oh wow! This is so awesome! I am doing my student teaching now and this site is loaded with useful information. Thanks! :) Christina

Grace Flamenco Grace Flamenco 3115 Points

Thank you for all of these great resources! I can't wait to try these out in my own classroom! These will be great to have saved! Thanks for sharing!

Jana Reyes Jana Reyes 2520 Points

Awesome!! This is a great resource and I am so thankful for you and everyone else sharing so many new and different ideas to help out both new and existing teachers. I am definitely going to save this link, so I can use it in my future classroom.

Sarah Sanchez Sarah Sanchez 1555 Points

Thanks for sharing!

Traci Silverthorn Traci Silverthorn 2610 Points

Do they have freebies for student teachers? Thank you.

Leslie Gonzalez Leslie Gonzalez 2260 Points

Thanks for sharing! I have looked into it and they definitely have a lot of neat stuff that would be useful in the classroom! :)

Leslie Gonzalez Leslie Gonzalez 2260 Points

Arielle Gutierrez Arielle Gutierrez 995 Points

Thanks for the great resources!

Claudia Rex Claudia Rex 3180 Points

Thanks for this useful information. I am going to have to pass this information on to all of my friends. We are all student teachers graduating this coming May.


Thank you for sharing these resources you have provided a great collection of information that I look forward to using!

Debra Shapiro Debra Shapiro 445 Points

An update regarding NSTA's new website: You can find Freebies for Science Teachers on the NSTA Reports landing page at That page also contains content from the former print newspaper, including feature articles and From the Field, a column with information on events and opportunities for science/STEM educators.

Rielly McNamara Rielly McNamara 460 Points

Thanks so much for sharing these links! I will be sure to use these resources in my future as an education major & future teacher. Very helpful.

Debra Shapiro Debra Shapiro 445 Points

That's wonderful, Rielly! You should check out NSTA's free e-newsletters at In addition to NSTA Reports, we have e-newsletters about the Next Generation Science Standards, STEM teaching and learning, and NSTA Press books.


Jayna Farmer Jayna Farmer 270 Points

Thanks for posting this! As a new teacher I am always looking for more sources to use in my classroom. The more the merrier! Love to keep fresh ideas and activities in my classroom!

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 150 Points

Thanks for sharing Jan's website. However, the Freebie NSTA page has an issue, got a "page not found" message.

Debra Shapiro Debra Shapiro 445 Points

You can still access the Freebies page on NSTA's old website at this URL:

On the new NSTA website's NSTA Reports landing page, Freebies for Science Teachers columns are posted. See

Madison Johnson Madison Johnson 4665 Points

This is so cool! Thank you for sharing!

Debra Shapiro Debra Shapiro 445 Points

Thanks, Madison! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are looking for something on the NSTA website.

Jessica Holmes Jessica Holmes 795 Points

It says page not found. Sad times!

Debra Shapiro Debra Shapiro 445 Points

This link still works: 

More recent Freebies can be found at

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