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This is a collection of resources for the program titled: Science Update: Do NASA Science LIVE!. This program aired on July 20, 2023.

General Science

Resources in “Web Seminar, July 20, 2023” Collection

Title Resource Type
Aligning Undergraduate Science Curricula With Three-Dimensional Learning Journal Article
Atomic Structure Interactive E-book
Bringing the Maker Movement to School Journal Article
Coral Reef Ecosystems Interactive E-book
Design in the Watershed Journal Article
Earth's Changing Surfaces Interactive E-book
Editor's Note: STEAM: Beyond the Acronym Journal Article
Engineering Encounters: Am I Really Teaching Engineering to Elementary Students? Journal Article
Everyday Engineering: Sitting Around Designing Chairs Journal Article
Flow of Matter and Energy in Ecosystems Interactive E-book
Force and Motion Interactive E-book
Growing Beyond Earth Homepage Web Page
Growing Beyond Earth Project Page Web Page
Guest Editorial: The BSCS 5E Instructional Model: Personal Reflections and Contemporary Implications Journal Article
Making the Transition to Three-Dimensional Teaching Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: "Inquirize" Your Teaching Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: Literacy in the Learning Cycle Journal Article
MoonDiff Homepage Web Page
MoonDiff Project Page Web Page
NASA Blog Post Web Page
NASA Citizen Science Homepage Web Page
NASA Citizen Science Publications Web Page
NASA Science LIVE! With SciStarter Web Page
Nutrition Interactive E-book
Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate Interactive E-book
Placemat Instructions Journal Article
Register for next SciStarter event Web Page
Resources and Human Impact Interactive E-book
Science of Food Safety Interactive E-book
SciStarter: Education Web Page
SciStarter: Free Citizen Science Training Modules Web Page
SciStarter: Project Finder Web Page
Slides_WS_Jul_20_2023 Web Page
Solving the Problem of Finding Authentic Problems Students Can Solve in the K-12 Classroom Professional Learning Unit
Start With a Story Journal Article
Upstream, Downstream Journal Article
Virtual Modeling Journal Article
We have got a Problem to Solve! Now What? Professional Learning Unit