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Some Resources to teach CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning) in Science

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Kent Lui Kent Lui 190 Points

Hello everyone,

If you're like me, you're trying to find ways to something like CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning) fun and relevant for the students. I've provided some links to resources I've developed over this past year with regard to teaching CER in the science classroom. 

Whether it's an introductory activity using items from home, a brainstorming activity to come up with evidence to support interesting claims, or using infographics to show how CER can be applied to existing, real-life labs, I have some resources for each of them.

Please click on the links below to view the resources on my webpage. Downloads are also available there too. And, of course, please provide me with any feedback. Is there something you struggle with that I might be able to address? Is there something you've done that is especially useful when teaching CER?

Thanks in advance. I'll be updating this thread as I develop more resources, and I hope this is useful to you :)

#12 - Red Jellybeans are the best ones (and 10 other intro CER examples)

#4 - Does Knuckle Cracking Lead to Arthritis? 3 CER examples based on FUN Science

#33 - Weekend Eggs cook quicker (and other fun advertising claims for CER practice)

#27 - How to Use 12 items to make 1 Awesome CER Intro Activity

#20 - How we use Chocolate Milk and TV Snacking as CER practice examples

#28 - Do lobsters feel pain & should we boil them?

Joselyn Hermoso Joselyn Hermoso 785 Points

Hello....I checked out the links and found a lot of resources. Thanks for sharing!

Minnu Messiahdas Minnu Messiahdas 7020 Points

These resources are very helpful for introducing CER to students. I struggled to see how I can make the CER framework clear and engaging enough for students to understand. I will definitely use these activities in the future! Thankyou.

Karina Gonzalez Karina Gonzalez 6065 Points

Thank you so much for adding these wonderful links. I am a future educator and the CER is something that is rather new to me since I was never taught this way when I was in elementary school! I am still learning how to become familiar with this concept and how to implement it in a classroom. I have done a few lesson plans where I used a CERR but I still do not feel 100% confident. I will definitely be bookmarking these links and refferring back to them whenever I need extra help on this!

Here's a link to some very good resources from AMNH for integrating literacy strategies, including introducing students to CER. Although I'm unsure of the grade level, I think a teacher can modify any of those to fit their needs so it's appropriate for their students.

I've attached a short PPT that I've used to introduce CER to teachers in PD workshops. I've also used it with students. I can't take credit for its creation. I found it online and modified it. Please feel free to use it as is (all of it) or just the slides you like.

Cheryl Ann Hollinger

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

Thanks for sharing these! It's helpful to see examples of what CER "looks like" in a lesson. Mary B.

Kent Lui Kent Lui 190 Points

Thanks for your feedback, Mary B!

Cassandra Delgado Cassandra Delgado 3190 Points

Hi Kent, Thank you for creating this post. I recently had to create a CERR activity for a small group at my field school and I struggled a bit on how to simply explain to them what is CERR since they didn't know what it was. These resources will definitely help me the next time I am planning on using the CERR framework.

Kathy Biernat Kathy Biernat 5195 Points

These are fabulous, Kent - thanks for sharing!

Kathy Biernat Kathy Biernat 5195 Points

Thanks for the link!! I do not see the ppt - would you mind sending it to me? Many thanks! Kathy

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