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14 Writing Strategies Book Chapter
A Perspective on the Reform of Science Teaching Book Chapter
A Sticky Situation

This is Lesson 6 of a twelve lesson unit about pollination and pollinators. In this lesson students will learn about the structure of certain seeds that enable these seeds to be easily moved by animals. They participate in an activity to mimic how animals move seeds from one place to another. Students then develop a model that shows the function of an animal in seed dispersal.

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Assessing and Addressing Student Science Ideas Book Chapter
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How Cold Is Cold? Book Chapter
How Is STEM Education Reform Different From Other Education Reforms? Book Chapter
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Is It Made of Parts? Book Chapter
Leaders, Readers, and Science Book Chapter
Making a Case for a Research-Based Teaching Rationale Book Chapter
Materials Repurposed: Find a Wealth of Free Resources at Your Local Recycling Center Book Chapter
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Science 101: What Causes Lightning and Thunder? Journal Article
Science and Social Studies in a Nutshell Journal Article
Science is Part of the Big Picture Book Chapter
Science Shorts: On Observation Journal Article
Science with Attitude: An Informal Science Education Experience Book Chapter
Scientific Journals: A Creative Assessment Tool Journal Article
Seedlings in a Jar Book Chapter
Start Young! Book Chapter
Student Inquiry and Research: Developing Students’ Authentic Inquiry Skills Book Chapter
Teaching Through Trade Books: Going Wild With Graphs Journal Article
Teaching Through Trade Books: Survival Skills Journal Article
The Little Tent That Cried Book Chapter
The Moon in Children's Literature Journal Article
The Virus Debate Book Chapter