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Action Research for Teachers Journal Article
All-Female Computer Science Journal Article
Archive: Engineer Your Life: Spark Girls’ Interest in Engineering February 3, 2010 Web Seminar Archive
Archive: Igniting Students' Interests in Science Careers , December 10, 2008 Web Seminar Archive
Attitudes and Interests Among University Students in Introductory Nonmajor Science Courses: Does Gender Matter? Journal Article
Countering Gender Bias in the Media Journal Article
Editor's Corner: Teaching Science for All Journal Article
Gender Matters Journal Article
Girls in Science Journal Article
Girls in Science Rule! Journal Article
Girls Only, Please: An after-school science club for girls promotes understanding and involvement Journal Article
Igniting Girl's Interest in Science Careers Journal Article
Inspired by Real Science Journal Article
Investigations in the Science of Sports Journal Article
Methods and Strategies: The Cricket Crew Journal Article
Personal Care Chemistry as a Bridge to Careers in Science and Technology Journal Article
Perspectives: Finding a Place for Girls in Science Journal Article
Research and Teaching: Two-Dimensional, Implicit Confidence Tests as a Tool for Recognizing Student Misconceptions Journal Article
Science Sampler: Achieving Gender Equity in Middle School Science Classrooms Journal Article
Science Sampler: Engineering-A-Future for tomorrow's young women Journal Article
Science Sampler: Fueling interest in science—An after-school program model that works Journal Article
Science Sampler: Girls, robots, and science education Journal Article
Science Sampler: Rocket boys and girls Journal Article
Science Sampler: Science role models for adolescent girls Journal Article
Science Sampler: When do girls lose interest in math and science? Journal Article
The Triad Story—A Science Education Community Navigating Gender Equity Book Chapter
Turtle Girls Journal Article